The symptoms associated with Autism are vast. No two people with and Autism Spectrum Disorder are alike. Some people may display some or most of the symptoms. It is important to remember that this disorder covers a wide range of possible symptoms.

Symptoms of Autism Edit

°Difficulty with pretend play

°Difficulty with social interactions

°Difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication

°Overly sensitive to sounds, visuals, touches, smells, or tastes.

°Distresses when routines are disrupted

°Shows repeated body movements

°Highly attached to objects

°Cannot start or maintain a conversation

°Slow to develop language skills or does not develop any language skills at all.

°Does not point at objects of interest or follow other's gaze or pointing.

°Repeats and memorizes written or verbal content

°Lack of friends

°Lack of playing with others

Symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome Edit

Symptoms of a Pervasive Developmental Disorder Edit

Symptoms in Adults Edit